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Guided Reading is small group instruction, teacher supported, which allows students to read more challenging text as they apply and expand their skills. Students provide evidence of their thinking about the text through discussion and writing. Student guided reading goals are based on their reading abilities as they move along a continuum.


Problem solving, estimation, and math communication are incorporated throughout all units of study during the year. They are integral to developing students’ understanding of mathematical concepts.

Other Curriculum Notes

  • Units of study may be taught in a different order,particularly in science when materials are shared among multiple classes.

  • This curriculum overview map is intended as a guide only. The pace at which units are taught is largely dependent upon individual student needs and the needs of a particular class.

  • During the year, revisions occur that may not immediately be reflected in the overview map. For specific questions about what is being taught at a particular time, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. For more detailed information about curriculum, please contact the curriculum specialist.

Last Modified on January 16, 2013