• Second Grade Homework Policy
    As a second grader, your child has homework every night of the school year.  It is our goal for children to read by themselves or be read to by an adult or sibling on a daily basis.  It would be beneficial to help your child set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day for reading.  The best indicator of a child's success in school is reading daily.
    In addition to daily reading, second grade teachers may also give written assignments. Weekly assignments include math fact flash cards and spelling words.
    A written assignment should be returned to school the following day unless there are instructions to the contrary.  There are several assignments during the year, that will require more than one day to complete.  These assignments will come with instructions and a due date.
    We appreciate your cooperation in attending to homework on a daily basis.
    Ms. Kirschner
    Mrs. Ljubuncic
    Mrs. Mathes
    Mrs. Sullivan