• Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year!



    New Hartford Public Schools is continually searching for the most nutritional and healthiest

    meals and snacks to serve our students. 


    We offer bottled water, 100 % juices, chips, ice cream, sherbets, raw vegetables and dip.


    Milk choices are 1% white, fat-free white or fat-free chocolate.

          Alternate entrée choices available daily are: 
                            Chef salad

                Sunbutter & Jelly

                                                    Peanut butter & jelly sandwich
                            Crispy Chicken Pattie on a Roll




    Sandwich of the Day Choice: 


                      Monday—Toasted Cheese on WW Bread 

                      Tuesday—Turkey & Cheese on WW Bread 

                      Wednesday—Han & Cheese on WW Bread 

                      Thursday—Fresh Chicken Salad Boat 

                      Friday—Assorted Sandwiches of the Day 


    **** Please note that all sandwiches are made on whole wheat bread ****





Last Modified on July 2, 2014