• Reading- In sixth grade we do a lot of reading. We will continue to use active reading strategies such as summarizing, predicting, making inferences, and use questioning to think while we read.  Through many different genres, we will discuss literary elements, such as characterization, plot, setting, theme, conflict and point of view and determine the authors purpose.  We will read books as a whole class and also in guided reading groups.
    Math- Our math curriculum consists of many units which include decimals, fractions, ratios/proportions, place value, measurement, geometry, probability and algebra!!!  I try and make our math lessons very hands on and use many real life examples. 
    Science- In science, we start with the scientific method through inquiry experiments and the students learn to question, make hypothesis, design procedures, and draw conclusions. They are responsible for creating lab reports. Other units of study include: weather, geology and our environmental and ecosystem unit.  We will study forests, wetlands, fields, ponds, coastal regions, including the plants and animals that inhabit them.  We will be going to White Memorial in Litchfield, CT for three days.
    Writing- We will start with the writing process which allows us to develop ideas into writing. 
    The steps in the writing process are:

    · Gathering

    · Developing

    · Drafting

    · Revising

    · Editing

    · Publishing

     We will also focus on many different writing styles with include: poetry,expository/informative, and persuasive.
     Social Studies- In social studies we will be learning about the five themes of geography (location, region, place, humam environmental interaction, and landforms).  We will also study the Civil War, reconstruction, industrialization, immigration, WWI, and WWII.  During our immigration unit in the spring, we will be taking a trip to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty in NYC.
    Spelling- There will be a weekly spelling pretest to determine the spelling words each student will study and be tested on for that week.  Through reviewing their writing, I will circle words that they are misspelling or using incorrectly and these will become part of their spelling list.  Their will be a spelling test every Friday.