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    The Schools and the Board of Education recognize that our volunteers make many valuable contributions to our students and programs. Thus, the Board endorses a program encouraging community residents to take an active role in improving our schools by becoming school volunteers. Of course to ensure the safety of all students, the Board must implement suitable regulations and safeguards, such as requiring that volunteers register with the schools and, in some instances when not in the direct presence of a New Hartford Public Schools employee, are fingerprinted.


    New Hartford School District's Volunteer Policy and Regulations 



    There are two categories of Volunteers:


    Group I Volunteers engage in activities in the presence of a New Hartford School employee; therefore, background checks (fingerprints) are not required.  This group of volunteers need only complete the Volunteer 1212 Form 1 below.

    Required form to be reviewed/completed:

    1212 Form Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability (complete both sides and sign)


    Group II Volunteers provide services to students when NOT in the direct presence of a New Hartford Public School employee, including: accompanying a class on a field trip in which the plans include that students be divided into small groups supervised solely by the volunteer chaperone for any length of time, and chaperoning an overnight trip.   These Group II Volunteers are required to submit to a record check of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Abuse and Neglect Registry AND submit to a national fingerprint-based criminal history record check under the National Child Protection Act/Volunteers for Child Act (NCPA/VCA).  Individuals who wish to be considered a Group II Volunteer should review and complete all forms listed below by December 1st. 

    Required forms to be reviewed/completed:

    1212 Form Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability (both sides)

    DCF Form - Release of Information

    NCPA/VCA Waiver & Consent Form for Volunteers 

    FBI Privacy Act Statement

    Applicant's Privacy Rights

    Fingerprinting Instructions for Volunteers

    Click Here to Register on the CCHRS Fingerprint Portal: 

    Helpful Hints:

    1. If you will be chaperoning as a Group II Volunteer, you will need to complete ALL the forms listed under the Group II Volunteer's section.


    2. If a Group II Volunteer was fingerprinted in a previous year they will not be required to be re-fingerprinted.  However, you must submit a new Volunteer Form 1212 AND complete a new DCF Authorization for Release of Information Form each year so that you retain active status as a Group II Volunteer.


    3. Please write clearly.


    4. Please be sure to use your legal name (not a nickname) when completing the Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability.


    5. All forms SHOULD be returned to the building secretary. 



    Thank you,

    New Hartford Public Schools


Last Modified on September 15, 2021