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     Grant Application Procedures

    New Hartford Education Fund

    The New Hartford Education Fund is funded by grants, private gifting and tax-deductible contributions, that will promote excellence in education, encourage innovation and creativity and broaden learning opportunities for all New Hartford students. New Hartford Education Fund monies will enhance and enrich teaching and learning experiences in the New Hartford Public Schools beyond the funding provided by the Town of New Hartford.

    The Fund welcomes teachers, administrators, school professionals, and other education providers in the town of New Hartford to seek funding for projects by completing the NHEF Grant Application Form (found here: Grant Application).

    NHEF encourages collaboration between teachers, grade levels, parent organizations, and/or community organizations. A Grant Review Committee will review grant applications and make recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors. Please refer to the grant evaluation criteria below.
    Types of Grants 

    Grants are awarded in two categories:

                 Mini Grants 

    Mini Grants are funded by NHEF and awarded to educators for enrichment projects and associated materials. Mini grants are typically in the amount of $500.00 or less.  Mini Grant Applications are to be submitted by October 30 to the Grant Review Committee (funding available no later than Nov 30 to be used
    within the current school year).  

     Excellence Grants

    Excellence Grants are awarded for innovative programs that support multidisciplinary projects, technology, arts, and/or collaborative grade level, school level, and community enrichment projects. This category also includes “professional-in-residence” programs that bring skilled artisans or experts into the classroom. Excellence Grant Applications are to be submitted by May 1 to the Grant Review Committee (funding available no later than June 1 for use during the following school year).
    Grant Evaluation Criteria

    The Grant Review Committee will consider the following criteria when reviewing each application and will rate each application in the evaluation rubric below.

    • Innovation
    • Educational Merit
    • Student Impact
    • Sustainability

    0= Not At All; 1 = Minimal Extent; 2 = Strong Extent; 3 = Entirely

     1. Are the funds requested reasonable and adequately justified?

     2. Does the grant address learning in a creative and innovative manner?

     3. Does the grant add depth to the curriculum?

     4. Are the objectives of the grant clearly articulated and measurable?

     5. Does the grant proposal identify an unmet educational need in the district?

     6. Does the grant fulfill the need identified?

     7. Does the grant have the potential of being self-sustaining?

     8. Does the grant benefit a large number of students?

     9. Does the grant address other funding?

    10. Does the grant extend to the community of New Hartford?


    Submit the completed Grant Application and all documentation to your building principal.

    NHEF Contact: 

    (Applicant may be contacted for further information or may be asked to meet with the committee)  





    Applications for Grants will be accepted anytime within these sessions:

    • Session 1: Mini Grants ~ August 15 – October 30
    • Session 2: Excellence Grants ~ Februar 15 – May 1



    NHEF will notify grant applicants of its decision via email. Session 1 notification will occur no later than November 30. Session 2 notification will occur no later than June 1.

    Expectations of Grant Facilitator(s)
    • The NHEF requests that your program/project and our funding of it be spotlighted in your school newsletters.
    • Any publicity regarding this grant and project must credit the NHEF.
    • We request photos and/or student quotes that highlight your project/lesson/equipment in use, so that we may post these on our web page or include them in future issues of our newsletters.
    • You will be asked to display finished work/collages during any NHEF sponsored events (for example: at the Annual Celebration of Excellence).



    Submitting Pictures and Quotes

    Submit supporting documents with application to your building principal.