•  Summary for Music Classes


    Our music classes are full of singing, dancing and learning about music!  Here is a quick summary of happens in music class.


    Kindergarten:  We learn to use our singing voice while we experience many types of songs.  We practice different ways to move.  We  discover that our singing voice is different from our speaking voice and our whispering voice. We learn that steady beat is essential to music and practice it in practically every class and in many ways - by moving, playing games, and playing instruments.


    First Grade:  In first grade we concentrate on rhythm! Ta (quarter note) means one sound in one beat.  Titi  (two eighth notes)   means two sounds in one beat, and rest means no sound in one beat.  Each week we practice reading, playing and writing rhythms.  We continue to sing and move and have great times while learning about music.


    Second Grade:  In second grade we  focus on reading notation on the treble staff.  We learn that the staff has 5 lines and 4 spaces and that we can read pitches on the staff.   We continue to practice our rhythm skills and add toh (half note), dotted toh (dotted half note) and 4 beat toh (whole note).  Additionally, we will focus on folk dancing this year and will add may fun dances to our repertoire!

    Third Grade:  Each grade level builds from the previous grade, so we practice reading and writing rhythm sentences.  We  learn about a new rhythm symbol, called tika tika (4 sixteenth notes)It means 4 sounds in one beat and is lots of fun to use in songs and rhythm sentences. Another rhythm combination we learn about and practice is ti tah ti (eighth note, quarter note, eighth note).  We also learn about form in music, such as verse/refrain, canon and rondo.  In addition to these skills, we learn many different folk dances, while expanding our movement vocabulary.  


    Fourth Grade:  Music class in fourth grade is devoted to learning to play the soprano recorder while reading traditional treble staff notation.  Each student has his/her own recorder and is encouraged to practice songs at home.  Another highlight is learning about America's most famous composer, Aaron Copland. We learn about his life and what influenced his compositions. “Fanfare for the Common Man” Hoedown from  "Rodeo" and  Variations on Simple Gifts from "Appalachian Spring" are featured pieces that we listen to in class.  Mrs. Flower has even put links on her website so students and listen and share this great music at home.

    Fourth Grade Chorus: Any student in grade 4 is invited to participate in Fourth Grade Chorus.  Our chorus meets weekly for a 1/2 hour rehearsal in preparation for a concert that is help in the Spring.  Proper choral technique is practiced while learning appropriate and captivating repertoire.