•  Use any of the following sites to learn more about Colonial America. The information you find can be used to write your Informational Book during writing time:
    • Watch a video about the Mayflower and life aboard. 
    • Listen to an account of the Mayflower's travel. Click on Take the Journey.
    • Tour the Mayflower and learn more about this vessel. Click on Tour the Ship.
    • Peek inside the homes and buildings of colonial times 
    • Learn more about the faith (religious practices) of the colonists
    • Take a Sea Venture- a video about the voyage to Jamestown
    • What was the economy of Jamestown like? Find out here!
    • Follow Anna as she adventures through Jamestown. Here you will find videos about the Powhatan Tribe, colonial games, military action, mapping, and more ship information. 
Last Modified on March 29, 2018