• Here are some new things you can expect in fifth grade!
    Instrumental Music
    Fifth grade is the year when students have the opportunity to begin formal instrumental music lessons in school. This is a very exciting proposition for many students and they are often eager to assume the additional responsibility.


    Taking instrumental lessons is a wonderful addition to the curriculum and research shows that taking a musical instrument increases brain function. In other words, it makes us smarter, especially in math.


    However, when students leave the classroom for instrumental lessons (30-40 minutes per week), they will be missing a core lesson for one of the classroom subject areas. It is the responsibility of the students to find out what material was covered when they were out of the room. They are also responsible for any work that was missed. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for the teacher to reteach the lessons missed because students will be leaving the room throughout the entire day each week.  Your child should set up a buddy system in which another child in the room explains the missed lesson and collects work to be made up.


    Therefore, we suggest that if your child takes a musical instrument, he/she must be, or become, extremely organized and diligent.

    Fifth grade students continue to have the opportunity to express themselves vocally in chorus class.  This class meets once a week for a half hour. 
    As part of our social studies curriculum, in January, the students participate in a week-long simulation to help them better understand the causes of the American Revolution.  A parent packet will come home prior to the simulation with a brief explanation of the project, along with an invitation for parents to participate. 
    P.S. You will like your assignment!
    Students attend class for 45 minutes twice a week.
    Field Trips
    To be determined...
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