• light Light Unit ~ Part 1 ~ Study Guide


    Name ________________________  Date Due ___________


    Use your Science notes and booklet to answer the following questions:


    Circle one:      True or False –

    Light is a form of energy that gives us light and heat.



    Short Answer:

    1)    What is the difference between a natural source of light and an artificial source of light?


    Name one of each:

    Natural - ________________

    Artificial - _______________


    2) Describe what happens when you shine a beam of light on a             mirror.



    3)   Describe how light behaves (what does it do) when it hits a rough surface.



    4)  What happens to light rays when they pass through different materials like water, air, or glass?  Diagram, label and explain an example from one of the experiments we did in class.


    5)  Name a material that is:


    Explain what happens to light when it hits that material.






    6)  Explain what causes a shadow.