• March 26, 2021  


    From Central Office: We continue to need substitutes in our schools. We need subs for teachers, paraprofessionals, and nurses. At this time, the requirements to be a substitute teacher have been eased. This is a great opportunity for college students who are pursuing a degree in education to get hands-on experience with children. If you are interested in applying or have questions, please contact Janet Terenzi at Central Office (860-379-8546) to begin the process.

    NEW! From the School Offices:

    • Please do not rely on email to notify the office of dismissal plans. The building secretary may be absent and the substitute in the office does not have access to her email. Please send a note or call the office as the secretary generates bus passes for dismissal. Remember it is best to do either early in the day. Our goal is to be sure students arrive home safely. 
    • Keep in mind students are not able to travel to and from school on a bus other than the one they are assigned to. 


    • NEW! Rubber Duck Race: Support Project Playground and enter the Rubber Duck Race to win a firetruck ride, a police car ride or a trip to Sea Quest! The EVENT will be held on April 24. 
    • Buy a Paw: Help support Project Playground by purchasing a paw! There are lots of options! Check it out!
    • The Project Playground committee is continuing its efforts to raise money for new playgrounds at both New Hartford Elementary and Bakerville School. They have created a Sponsorship Program for families and friends! Please consider a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze donation! 
    • Spirit Day: Don't forget to celebrate New Hartford Public Schools by wearing red on the first Friday of the month! 
    • We are continuing with our gotsneakers? program! There are collection boxes at each of our schools. All proceeds benefit Project Playground