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    Congratulations! It is your child's turn to be this week's news reporter for the classroom! The student must choose a story to read from the newspaper or suggested websites and summarize the article. This story may focus on local, national, or world news. It would be helpful for the student to pick a topic that interests him/her. To complete the assignment, the student will choose an article, cut the article out and read it, then write a short summary of the important information on the summary sheet. An oral presentation will be given by each student to the class. The student should practice giving the presentation at home so that he/she is well prepared. The presentation only needs to be 2-5 minutes in length and the student should become an expert on his/her knowledge of the article so that he/she is then able to answer questions from the class. The student will need to hand in the article and summary sheet after the oral presentation. All students will be graded on their presentation, summary, and the degree to which they were prepared.


    Current events are due on the last day of each week.  Each student will present a current event once per month.
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