• Try some of these great activities to give a lift to learning your weekly spelling words!


    1.  Spell your words with Scrabble tiles on the Scrabble board.

    2.  Type your spelling words on the computer using your favorite font.  Use Spell check.  Print your words when you're finished.

    3.  Write your words in bubble letters.  Afterwards, color in the bubbles.

    4.  Take a folder spelling test.

    5.  Work with a friend, sibiling, or parent.  Ask them to scramble your words.  Try to unscramble them.

    6.  Using watercolors, spell your words while painting their spellings.

    7.  Play Hangman with a friend using your spelling words.

    8.  Rainbow your words by tracing over them with different colors.

    9.  Copy your spelling words.  Write all of the small words you see in your spelling words.

    10.  Write your spelling words in the air and practice naming the various letters, like the third letter, second vowel, last letter, etc.