A bit about the CT Fitness Assessment...
    Each Fall, all students in grades four and six are required to participate in the CT Physical Fitness Assessment.  This assessment consists of four tests and lasts for approximately seven weeks.
    This assessment is state-mandated and requires all students to complete each piece of the assessment unless a doctor's note is written.
    The goals of the assessment program are to assess each students personal level of fitness and identify strengths and weaknesses.
    Students in grade 4 are given Fitness Journals to track their progress and are strongly encouraged to train and practice outside of their scheduled PE class.
    The tests...
    • Sit and Reach --- measures flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings.
    • Curl-Ups --- measures abdominal strength and endurance.
    • Push-Ups --- measures upper-body strength and endurance.
    • PACER Running Test --- measures cardiorespiratory endurance.
    Scores for this assessment were established through age-appropriate expectations and are different for males and females.
    *The PACER test is performed in the gym.  Please encourage your children to dress appropriately the day they have this test.    This test increases in intensity the longer it is run and 'forces' the students to pace themselves.
    **  It is very important that students exercise and practice the pieces of the fitness test outside of school.  Having the students in class one day a week for 45-minutes is not enough time for most students to show significant improvement in the seven week time period.
                         "BE  WISE, EXERCISE!"