Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 particpate in the Project Adventure unit.  This unit consists of group/cooperative activities that require working together, making a plan, and executing it in order to be successful.  "Off the floor" activities include the rope swings, vertical climbing wall, horizontal climbing wall and the cargo net.  The horizontal climbing wall and cargo net require students to be in a harness and learn climbing skills. This is a safe activity as the students are on a belay and attached to me.  Students have the option to climb the activities that are off the floor - it is not mandatory.  They are encouraged to try either the cargo net or climbing wall and can make the decision to climb as high as they feel comfortable. While students are climbing the wall or the cargo net, there are a number of other small group activities/stations running and students rotate through on my whistle.
    This unit is a quite intense unit at times.  It not only involves physical activity but the also cognitive.  The unit begins with small and large group activities.  Each group is given a problem and needs to work together to make a plan in order to be successful.  If the plan doesn't work, they are encouraged to make changes and try again.  These activities are great for ALL of the students who might feel that they are weak in one area but strong in the other (physical/cognitive).  
    To link this unit to my grade 4 Health class, I teach the Self-Control and Responsibility unit before Project Adventure in PE.  I spend time talking in PE about this unit and also time in Health talking about Project Adventure. 
    It is a fun and exciting time of year, especially for the grade 4 students who are experiencing it for the first time.   This is the longest unit of the year.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this unit.