The goal of New Hartford’s reading instruction is to develop strategies and habits to inspire life-long readers.  Reading instruction includes read alouds, when teachers read high quality literature and informational text aloud to students; shared reading, an interactive experience when students join in the reading of a book as teachers model reading strategies to support learning in a whole group setting; independent reading, when students select “just right” books for personal reading; and guided reading, when small groups of students work with the teacher to set goals and learn strategies to increase their reading ability.  Through a program both rich in fiction and non-fiction, students build accuracy, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary leading to reading success.
    Reading Curriculum
    The New Hartford Public School’s writing curriculum emphasizes three (Narrative/Persuasive/Informational) types of writing, the writing process that applies to all types of writing and writing across the curriculum.  Throughout all units, there is a continual emphasis on transference of skills as the development that occurs within a type of writing is echoed in other types of writing and all content areas.  Using the Writer’s Workshop approach students are taught to use writing as a tool for learning.
    In New Hartford Public Schools, mathematically proficient students are able to solve problems strategically and precisely.  Furthermore, they demonstrate perseverance and the ability to communicate their thinking and evaluate the reasoning of others as a result of a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Successful students value mathematical exploration and understand how mathematics is relevant to their current and future lives.

    Math Curriculum


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    New Hartford Public Schools believes that scientifically proficient students are able to conduct multiple investigations, solve problems, design solutions and engage in discussions grounded in evidence that are driven by student-generated questions and have a range of possible outcomes.  Collectively, these learning experiences lead to a deep understanding of core scientific concepts.  Students will use multiple literacies to pose problems, carry out research and communicate findings using the language and thinking of the discipline.  Successful students value scientific inquiry and understand how science is relevant to their current and future lives.
    Social Studies
    New Hartford's social studies curriculum is designed to promote students becoming effective citizens in an increasingly diverse nation and interdependent world.  Social studies instruction prepares our students for success in college and career by emphasizing the skills and practices that allow them to be active participants in their community.  The social studies curriculum is composed of deep and enduring understandings, concepts and skills. 
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