• Grade 5 Curriculum Overview



    Our fifth grade curriculum is aligned with national and state standards. We focus on meeting and often exceeding those standards as well as preparing students for success on the Connecticut Mastery Tests.


    Reading/Language Arts

                                                    Our balanced literacy program will help students develop a deeper understanding of the text.  Strategies we will focus on include:  Summarizing, predicting, inferring, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, writing responses, and the continued development of vocabulary, spelling, and research skills.


    Materials used in this class include:

    ·        Non-fiction

    ·        Content specific informational text

    ·        Historical fiction

    ·        Trade books from a variety of genres

    ·        Poetry




                We follow the Connecticut Core Standards and develop writing through "Writer's Workshop".  Throughout the school year we will write across all three genres; narrative, persuasive, and informational.


                Our math program is based on the Connecticut Core Standards.  Our current math text is Pearson Investigations Mathematics.  The units covered in fifth grade include place value with decimals, multiplication (long), division (long), fractions and decimals, , geometry, and beginning algebra. We will continue to develop strong problem solving skills.


    Social Studies

                Focusing on American History our studies will begin with the differences that divide  Great Britain and the colonies; the causes of the American Revolution.  From there we will study some of the major events of the revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the formation of the first federal government and how it continues to work today.  We end our studies with the differences that divide the north and the south; causes of the Civil War.

    Reading, writing, and study skills are taught and/or applied when using Social Studies materials.



                Science units taught this year will include:

                            Earth, Moon, and Sun

                            Light and Sound Energy, including the senses

                            Human Growth and Development /AIDS