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    Above and Beyond
    Self-motivated students who wish to pursue a project of their choice have the opportunity to do so.  Each student (or small group) should discuss his or her topic with me.  Almost any concrete topic will be approved. Completion of the project will be up to the individual student or group but should be completed and presented to the class in a timely fashion.  In order to facilitate "timely", the student will be coached with a timeline.  We will conference and agree on a plan that will include graphic organizers such as outlines, bibliographies, scripts and other suitable pieces that will encourage task management.  Students need to let me know ahead of time, a day or two, when their project will be complete so we can schedule the presentation. 
    The presentation will be scored on a 1-6 scale according to the rubric below.
    Rubric for Independent Projects
    6 - The student makes an eloquent presentation.  While including all the elements of a 5, he or she has a masterful understanding of the content and uses superb oral/written presentation skills. Visual aids such as posters, diagrams, pamphlets, power point presentations, props, etc. are of high quality and are especially effective.
    5 - The student clearly knows the subject.  Concepts are presented accurately.  The sources of information are clearly referenced.  Specific details support the main ideas in a logical order.  There are minimum spelling or mechanical errors.  The work is neat and presentable.  Visual aids are interesting, clear, and can be seen by the whole audience.  The speaker is enthusiastic, can be easily heard, and uses eye contact to increase the effectiveness of the presentation.  The speaker accomplishes his or her purpose.
    4 - The presentation Is similar to one receiving a 5 except one of two of the elements are missing.
    3 - The presentation is similar to one receiving a 2 except that one of two elements are done well.
    2 - The student does not have a strong command of the topic.  Concepts are not well understood and supporting details are l lacking.  Characteristics of the presentation, such as volume, pace and enthusiasm do not work to the speaker's advantage.  The speaker does not accomplish his or her purpose.
    1 - The presentation is very poor or incomplete.
    Reminder to presenters:
    You will be presenting your project to your class.  You want your classmates to (easily) understand what you are presenting.  They should learn from you and find your presentation interesting. Visuals are often helpful.  Visuals help your audience gain a clear understanding of the subject matter while also helping to keep your focus clear while presenting. When your presentation is over, your audience will have an opportunity to ask questions.  Try to anticipate what some of the questions may be, and prepare possible answers.