• http://www.moonphaseinfo.com/            Web site for Moon Phases 
     moonSun, Moon, Earth Review and Study Guide
    *Includes Web site to view current Moon Phase
    Be sure you can define the following:
    •  gravity
    •  axis
    •  rotation
    •  revolution
    •  orbit 
    •   How long it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun
    •   How long it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth
    •   Why there is day and night
    •   Why the sun appears to move across the sky
    •   What causes the phases of the moon
    •  That most objects in the solar system are in a regular and predictable pattern
    •  What two forces keep the earth orbiting the sun?
      Phases of the Moon: http://www.moonphaseinfo.com/
    Be able to identify and draw the 8 phases of the moon.