• Sixth Grade Homework Policy


    • Students may spend an average of 60 minutes on their homework each night.  Homework is rarely assigned on Friday nights, though sometimes long term assignments may lead to students choosing to work over the weekend.  However, this is flexible and depends on a few variables. 

    a.        Some homework is a continuation of an assignment begun in class, or a student may find extra time in the day to start his or her homework.  Therefore, the time spent at home may be dependent on the students’ work during the school day.

    b.       There are a number of long-term projects, papers, and reports assigned in sixth grade.  Students may be expected to work on these at home as well as in school, and depending on their time-management, may have more homework the night before a long-term assignment is due.  Though we will check progress periodically, you child will learn to manage his or her time independently.

    c.        The environment in which homework is completed may also affect the amount of time students are spending on their homework.  We recommend a quiet room with limited distractions as a place for students to complete their homework.


    • Please notify your child’s teacher if you find that your child is consistently spending more or less than 60 minutes on his or her homework. 


    • Sixth graders are given a homework agenda book at the beginning of the year.  This is filled out daily in the classroom and we expect each student to copy down the homework and bring the agenda home each night.  This is also an excellent place to look for notes from your child’s teacher.


    • It is our intent to assign homework that will help our students be prepared for the types of homework assigned in middle school.  Students will have reader responses, lab reports, and projects that will be presented in class.   These assignments may be very challenging for your child at first, but after practice, they will become more familiar with the formats and expectations. 


    • For the most part, homework assignments should be completed independently.  However, if you find that your child requests help on a regular basis, please let the teacher know. 


    • If your child has an excused absence, feel free to have their missed work sent home.  However, most homework assignments are meant to practice skills learned during the school day.  Therefore, sending some assignments home is difficult. 


    • Students understand that it is their responsibility to meet with their teacher to get materials and lessons that they missed when they were absent or out of the classroom for any other reason.

    Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Last Modified on November 12, 2014