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    The Creation of Rules
      We worked very hard during the first few weeks of school.  We spent time talking about what we will do this year, what we hope to learn about this year, and how we need to behave in order to accomplish all of these things.  Below, you will find our classroom rules.  These are rules that YOUR children have generated.  I believe that children take more responsibility for their behavior when they have been the ones to decide what rules need to be followed in order for our classroom to function at its highest level!  We brainstormed these rules, and then I categorized them to make it easier.  Please talk to your child about the rules that we have generated.  They were very proud of the work they did!  


    I appreciate all that you do at home to support the learning, both academic and social, that we do in school!

    Our Classroom Pledge


    We PROMISE to…


    ©  Work Hard

    ·        Take turns talking

    ·        Work quietly

    ·        Do our PERSONAL BEST and PERSEVERE


    ©  Be safe

    ·        Walk

    ·        Keep our bodies to ourselves

    ·        Remember that “Hands are for HELPING”


    ©  Follow Directions

    ·        Pay attention and listen the FIRST time


    ©  Be Kind

    ·        Be kind to everyone
Last Modified on November 18, 2014