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    Homework Expectations
    Homework will be given every day except Friday.  Typically, the homework will be a reinforcement of the math lesson of the day and a book from your child's reading group that s/he will read to you.  
    When doing the math homework, you may read the directions to your child, although s/he will be familiar with the format of the worksheet.  If your child has difficulty completing the work after you have read the directions, please let me know.
    Reading homework will be coming home almost every night.  Your child needs to read the book(s) that are in the bag at least one time to an adult.  If your child wants to read it to a younger sibling as well, that is fine!  But he/she must also read it to an adult, who must sign his/her name on the signature card included in the bag.  You will notice that some of the stories are rather “dry” for us as adults, and you will possibly even have to listen to these stories for a few days in a row.  The importance in reading and rereading even the shortest of stories is that repetition builds fluency and sight word knowledge as well as builds your child’s confidence, which leads to better comprehension over time!

    The daily math homework should take about five minutes, and the daily reading homework should take about ten minutes.  The intention behind homework in first grade is to review what has been learned, to improve reading fluency and comprehension, and to learn good study habits (remembering to bring homework home, complete it, and return it the next day).  Your children work very hard all day long in school.  I believe that your children need to learn the responsibility of completing homework, but also need to have time to play, relax and enjoy 'down time' in the evenings.  If at anytime your child has difficulty completing the homework in 15 minutes or so, please let me know. 

    Thank you very much for your support.


Last Modified on November 18, 2014