Second Grade Weaving
    We learned how to warp a cardboard loom.
    Then we cut 8 weft  threads each measuring at least 8 inches long.
    We began to use a one under one over weave called Tabby weaving.
    jpg weaving
    We alternated two colors to create a Tabby Stripe pattern.
    Once that was mastered we learned how to create a Tabby Checker pattern for the center of our symmetrical weaving.
    We use a master pattern but can choose our own colors.
    weaving 009sjpeg
    It is very exciting to reach the line of symmetry!
    Then we are halfway finished.
    We carefully use the same colors to complete the weaving symmetrically.
    weaving jpg
    Cutting and tying off the warp threads is the last step.
    Now we are master weavers!
    006jpg weaving