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The mission of New Hartford Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, is to inspire and prepare all children to become independent and enthusiastic learners who achieve personal excellence by providing a challenging and exemplary education program that is differentiated, inclusive, and dynamic.
Our curriculum is designed to Educate for Excellence as we inspire & guide students to: 
  • Be responsible and engaged community members
  • Demonstrate initiative, persistence and adaptability
  • Be curious and value risk taking as part of the learning process
  • Access and analyze information, ask questions and formulate opinions
  • Communicate effectively
The NHPS curriculum is defined as a comprehensive system of:
  • Standards - what we expect students to learn;
  • Assessment - how students demonstrate increasingly sophisticated understanding;
  • Content - scope and sequence of what we teach;
  • Instruction - the environment, methods and strategies used to facilitate student learning;
  • Reflection - ongoing analysis of student performance; and
  • Adjustment - curriculum that is continuously refined and improved.