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BOE Standing Committees


New Hartford Board of Education Standing Committees and Members



Long Range Planning – This committee reviews the goals of the district. Ensures that the needs of the students are met.
Deirdre Tindall (Chairperson)
Meagan Albert, Kristin Young


Negotiations and Personnel – This committee is responsible for representing the Board with regards to negotiations with the administration, professional staff, and non-certified personnel.
Penny Miller (Chairperson)
Frank Rodenberg, Deirdre Tindall


Plant Facility and Transportation – This committee will work through the Superintendent and his staff in the overall planning and supervision for the physical plants in the district. Will review any transportation issues and any other business pertinent to school bus transportation.
Tom Buzzi (Chairperson)
Meagan Albert, Tim Russell


School/Community Relations and Policy -This committee will ensure good community relations which support the education programs in the district. Formulate policies and make recommendations to the entire Board for action. Suggests amendments/revisions of existing policies.
Penny Miller (Chairperson)
Kristin Young, Frank Rodenberg


Student Health and Safety (Wellness) – This committee reviews the district’s wellness policies and ensures that all federal and state mandates are followed in regards to student health.
Tim Russell (Chairperson)
Kelly O’Dell Longhi, Meagan Albert


Community Outreach – This committee works to enhance public engagement with the Board of Education.
Tom Buzzi (Chairperson)
Penny Miller, Kristin Young


School Security and Safety Committee – This committee works to ensure school safety for students and staff.
Deirdre Tindall (Chairperson)
Tim Russell, Tom Buzzi


Curriculum Committee – This committee works with district leadership to review curriculum.
Jeffrey Sousa (Chairperson)
Heather Mathes, Kelly Carroll, Amy Kennedy, Kelly O’Dell Longhi, Frank Rodenberg