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Security Q & A

Q1. Do the grants cover the full cost of the items covered in the grants?

Dependent on the grant.  Currently, the security grants are reimbursement.  


Q2. Can our teachers be armed? 

Not discussed at this time.


Q3. What is the security guard training? 

Post certified police officer of good standing.  Firearms, public safety, first aid are some of the trainings.


Q4. With one guard rotating - what is the other security? 

 The town of New Hartford currently employees one state trooper and four part-time constables.  These officers patrol all of New Hartford.  The  proposal is to start with one and increase to three armed security guards.


Q5. What is the lockdown like? 

Scenario dependent.  All staff and students are trained to be out of sight both on and off campus.  


Q6. These are all old buildings. What is the hardware like? 

Hardware is up-to-date with minimum physical key usage. 


Q7. Do all the doors lock after themselves.  

All exterior doors self-closing. 


Q8. Were teachers surveyed about having an armed security officer? 


            Results:  12 Yes (20%),  47 Nay (80%)

Town resident survey results:  208 Yes (53%),  187 Nay (47%)

New Hartford Resident (no students in school):  60 Yes (41%),  85 Nay (59%)

New Hartford Resident (w/ student(s) in school): 139 Yes (65%),  74 Nay (35%)


Q9. How will this position be funded? 

$75,000 in earmarked funds in the 2023-2024 New Hartford BOE budget.  See BOE minutes.  No teacher cuts proposed. 


Q10. How many armed officers are going to be covering the school system? 

One is the current proposal.


Q11. Are these officers going to be part of the Town staff or hired from an outside entity?

Outside entity.  Full time w/ benefits.  Covered under Town worker's comp?  TBD contract dependent. 

Will they be covering summer programs also?  No.


Q12. Are these officers going to respond to 'disturbances' inside the school caused by students or are they to handle 'external' issues? 

No response to student disturbances.  


Q13. What is the liability for the Town if one of the officers responds to a classroom and a student is harmed? 

Officers will not respond.  The entity will be liable first.


Q14. Are there any surrounding school systems with armed security officers? 

Yes.  What has been their experience?  Effective.   Cost?  Same price range.  


Q15. What if one of the 'armed' officers calls out sick - does a replacement have to be found for the day? 

Yes. Overtime benefits?  No.