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Communicable/Infectious Diseases  

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Students with any medical condition, which, within the school setting, may expose others to disease or contagious and infectious conditions may be excluded from school and referred for medical diagnosis and treatment.

A student may not return to school until she/he is fever-free for twenty-four (24) hours. If a student has been vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, she/he may not return to school until twenty-four (24) hours without such incidence. In addition, students are to be excluded from school for communicable diseases according to the following schedule:

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  • Chicken Pox: Until all primary scales have come off, not longer than six (6) days.
  • German Measles: For four (4) days from onset of rash.
  • Measles: For five (5) days from onset of rash.
  • Whooping Cough: For fourteen (14) days
  • Mumps: As long as glands remain swollen.
  • Scarlet Fever: For forty-eight (48) hours after institution of specific therapy or seven (7) days from onset of first symptom.
  • Impetigo: Parent is to be instructed to cleanse area thoroughly with soap and water and apply either Bacitracin or Bacimycin. The school nurse may initiate this procedure at school. Bacitracin will be kept in a locked cabinet at school. If there is no improvement in two (2) days, the child will be excluded from school.
  • Pediculosis (lice): The student may only return to school after treatment. An appointment must be made with the school nurse on the day the student returns to school. The school nurse will check each student and authorize his/her return to the classroom. The student must be “nit free” before returning to school.
  • Ringworm: Excluded until under treatment. Inspection by school nurse must take place upon child's return to school.
  • Scabies: Excluded until under treatment. Inspection by school nurse must take place upon child's return to school.
  • Streptococcal Infections: Excluded for at least twenty-four (24) hours after medication is initiated and temperature remains normal.
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink-Eye): Excluded until treatment and until eye has no drainage present.
  • Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: Excluded until mouth sores have cleared and foot/hand rash has dried.
  • Pinworms: Excluded until twenty-four (24) hours after the medication and treatment have been instituted.
  • Roseola (Exanthem Subitum): Excluded during rash and fever symptoms. Return twenty-four (24) hours after fever and rash have disappeared.
  • Erythema Infectiosum (Fifth Disease): If diagnosed by a physician as fifth disease, no treatment is indicated and student isolation is not required.
Before a child may return to school after an absence due to any of the above conditions, the students' parent may be required to submit medical evidence that their child has recovered sufficiently to prevent exposing others. If a child has had surgery, the parent must present a written authorization from the physician/surgeon stating that the student may return to school, and indicating any dietary or physical restrictions or other pertinent information.

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