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Grades 1-6 Enrollment Packet

Register a New Student (Grades 1 through 6) - Enrollment Packet

This Packet contains the following required items:
  1. Transfer of Confidential Information (print form)
  2. District Registration Form (online form)
  3. Transportation Information Form (online form)
  4. Directory Information Consent Form (online form)
  5. Acceptable Use Policy Forms  (view AUP here - then print and return Parent Agreement and Student Agreement) 
  6. Health Screening Assessment Form (fax, mail, or deliver to school)
  7. Student Medical Information Form (online form)
  8. Permission to Treat Medical Form (online form)

* Additionally, you can find the current list of  Immunization Requirements here. 

The following Forms/Information are required for registration:

1)  Completed Items listed above

2)  Copy of child(ren) Birth Certificate(s) (long form required)

3)  Guardianship papers (if applicable)

4)  Most recent physical and immunization records

5)  Copy of a minimum of (2) of the following that indicate a New Hartford address

  • Proof of Residence (use two of the following  choices)

    • A current apartment or home lease agreement, a mortgage document, property tax record, rent receipt, homeowners insurance.
    • A current utility bill (electric, gas, water), cable, home or cell phone bill, insurance correspondence.
    • Current proof of government benefits (disability, Medicare, Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program, SNAP) or other government correspondence showing an address.
    • Current Connecticut driver's license, automobile registration, automobile insurance showing New Hartford address.