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Student Data Privacy

New Hartford Public Schools is committed to protecting student data in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and Connecticut Student Data Privacy Act (CT PA 16-189).
Why do we collect student data?
New Hartford Public Schools collects and uses data from our students and teachers to inform instructional practice and improve the learning experience. We believe it is essential for our students to efficiently and effectively access digital tools that empower them in all phases of the learning process, including research, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, content creation, communication, and collaboration. 
*Any contract entered into, amended, or renewed on or after July 1, 2018 must be in compliance with Connecticut State Law, Public Act 16- 189.  Connecticut Boards of Education are required to enter into written contracts with consultants, operators, and/or contractors prior to providing them with, or allowing them to access, student information, student records, or student generated content.  This page will serve as an informational gateway for the New Hartford Public Schools compliance with PA16-189. Notice of Contract Execution Agreements are posted below. 


Vendor/Product Notice of Execution Purpose / Use

Type of Data Used

Alexandria Agreement Library Management and Database

Student Name, barcode, email

Amplify Agreement Assessment Tool / DIBELS

student name, ID, homeroom, scores

Bookshare Agreement Reading Tool / eBook Library for students with reading barriers

student username

Centervention Agreement Online tools / Behavioral, Social, Emotional Skills name, login info
ClassFlow / Promethian Agreement Online Application / Interactive Lessons

name, student sign on Agreement Instructional / Online Reading Program

name, email address, username, password, or assessment results

CORAdvantage Agreement

Assessment Tool / PreK

CrickSoftware / Clicker Docs Agreement Online Application / Writing Support Tools

student name, login, documents

Dattco Agreement Transportation Management

Student name, demographic info, emergency contacts

Discovery Education Agreement Educational Resource student sign on
Dreambox Agreement Online Learning Platform / Math

student demographics / scores

e~Funds Agreement Online Application / online payments

name, lunchID, demographics

EdReflect Agreement Educator Evaluation System

Name / Student Work

EPIC! For Educators Agreement Digital Library

student login info

Explain Everything Agreement Instructional Tools / App

Pictures, Student Work

Flipgrid Agreement Online Application / Video Recording student work
Fluency & Fitness Agreement Digital Resource/combines literacy, math, movement student sign on
ForAll Systems Agreement Assessment Tool / Rubric Creation Tool

student name, class information, assessment scores

Freckle Education Agreement Instructional Tool / Online Learning Site

username, practice scores

Frontline Education Agreement Individualized Education Plans for students with specific needs

Directory Information; special needs identification and services

Glogster Agreement Instructional / Interactive Technology

UserID, Student Work

Google for Education Agreement Operating System / Productivity & File storage platform

First Name, Last Name, Username, Class information, student generated content

Grynn & Barrett Agreement Student Photos

student name, ID, images

Heartland Payment Systems Agreement Online Nutrition Program student lunch info
Imagine Learning (formally LearnZillion) Agreement Instructional / Math Program

name, ID grade, assessment scores

Kami Agreement Online Tool / Digital Tools, Annotation username
Khan Academy Agreement

Online Tool / Student standards-aligned practice tool

Learning A-Z / Reading A-Z Agreement Instructional / Literacy Name, UserID
Legends of Learning Agreement Online Application/curriculum-based games

name, email, login info

LexiaCore5 Agreement Instructional Tools / Literacy

Name, UserID, Class Info

Literably Agreement Instructional / Literacy / Reading Assessment

Name, StudentID

Mackinvia Agreement Management System / eBooks Name, UserID
Math Playground Agreement Instructional Tool / Online Learning Site grade level
Newsela Agreement Instructional Tool / content area learning

login / student work

NinGenius Agreement Instructional Tool / Music App name / userID
NoRedInk Agreement Instructional Tool / Grammar & Writing

name / student work

Noteflight Agreement Online Tools / Music username
NWEA Map Growth Agreement Instructional / Assessment Tool

student name, class information, assessment scores

Padlet Agreement Online Resource/posting, sorting board name, email
PearDeck Agreement Instructional / Remote Learning name
Pearson - Q-Global & BASC-3 Agreement Online Assessment Tool name, scores
Pearson - Review360 Agreement Online Assessment / social, emotional, behavioral health

student info, login

Pearson / OLSAT8 Agreement Instructional / Assessment Tool

student name, ID, gender, grade, DOB

Pearson / Realize Agreement Instructional / Math Program

name, ID, grade, assessment scores

PowerSchool Agreement Management System / Student Information System

All student information

ReadTheory Agreement Instructional Tool / Online Learning Site / Reading Comprehension

name, username, email, student progress

ReadWorks Agreement Instructional Tools/Reading comprehension name, email
Renaissance Learning Agreement Universal screener/Math & ELA name, login
Riverside Insights Agreement Online Assessments/WJSoring

student demographics/assessment data

Scholastic, Inc Agreement Literacy Instruction/Digital Programs name/login info
SchoolMessenger Agreement Management System / Electronic Notifications

student information, parent contact information

Screencastify Agreement Online Tool/Screencasting recordings
Securly Agreement Cloud-based Web / Content Filtering

student name, email

SeeSaw Agreement Instructional Tool / Learning Journal

student Name, username

Signup Agreement Online Application / Parent Conference Signup end user entry
Spelling City Agreement Instructional / Literacy

Name, UserID, Class Info

SplashLearn Agreement Instructional Tool / Online Learning Site

name, login info, progress

SQUARE1ART Agreement Online Application / Art

first name, art piece

StudentTreasures Publishing Agreement Classroom Book Publishing student work
TextHelp (Read&Write) Agreement Literacy support tool

name, log on info

Tynker Agreement Online Application / Coding Activities

name, username, student-generated content

TypingClub Agreement Instructional Tools / Keyboarding

student name, ID Agreement Instructional / Online interactive Lessons

Name, login, student work

XtraMath Agreement Instructional Tool / Online Learning Site

Name, username, student progress