Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy is the Superintendent of Schools in New Hartford. Parents and community members in need of assistance may contact Mr. Murphy in the Town Hall at 860-379-8546, extension 103, or by email at murphyb@newhtfd.org.
    Babara McLean
    Barbara McLean is the Director of Student Services in New Hartford. Mrs. McLean works directly with teachers and administrators to ensure that Special Education and 504 services are in compliance. She collaborates with all stakeholders to ensure that student services are appropriate in meeting the needs of all of our students. Barbara can be reached at 860-379-1653 or mcleanb@newhtfd.org 
    D Barrett
    Diane Barrett joined the New Hartford's Central Office support staff team in November 2019.  Mrs. Barrett is the Fiscal Services Administrative Assistant who works with accounts payable, payroll, and the benefits programs for all employees in the district. Mrs. Barrett works closely with the Superintendent to develop and monitor the district budget and to track the expenditures incurred throughout the school year. She also assists the Superintendent in monitoring all grant expenditures. Mrs. Barrett is a resident of New Hartford where she lives with her husband and children. She can be reached in Town Hall at 860-379-8546, extension 102, or by email at barrettd@newhtfd.org.
    Janet Terenzi
    Janet Terenzi is the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools. Ms. Terenzi assists any prospective applicant with the district's employment process. She works closely with the Superintendent to schedule appointments and to support the work of the Superintendent, teachers, and staff. Ms. Terenzi provides several special services to the schools which include the National School Lunch Program, the Strategic School Profile, and monitoring teacher certifications. She is most likely to be the person whom parents and others will encounter first when they contact the Central Office with questions. Janet has worked in our district since 2005. She may be reached at 860-379-8546, extension 100, or by email at terenzij@newhtfd.org.
    Gayle DiBella
    Gayle DiBella is the Bookkeeper at the Central Office. Mrs. DiBella works with the Fiscal Services Assistant and the Superintendent of Schools to coordinate and manage a broad range of fiscal services for the New Hartford Public Schools.  Mrs. DiBella performs various accounting tasks including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and reconciliations.  Gayle is also a resident of New Hartford and has worked in the schools for over 18 years.  Gayle may be reached at 860-379-8546, extension 101, or by email at dibellag@newhtfd.org.
    Linda Fitzgerald  
    Linda Fitzgerald is the Data Manager for New Hartford Public Schools.  Mrs. Fitzgerald maintains the critical functions of the District's data management system and ensures the district-wide integration of all data within the New Hartford Public Schools.  Linda administers and controls all data resources used by the district.  Linda has worked in our schools for over 20 years.  Linda may be reached at 860-379-0713 ext 112 or by email at fitzgeraldl@newhtfd.org.
    Paul Carmen
    Paul Carmen has over twenty years of experience in information technology and technical systems' support. Mr. Carmen was born in Massachusetts and has been living in Connecticut for the past fifteen years where he was previously employed by Education Connection as a Field Service Technician. He brings to our district much-needed expertise in computer and network support. Mr. Carmen may be reached at Antolini School at 860-489-4169 or by email at carmenp@newhtfd.org.
Last Modified on October 26, 2020