• New Hartford Music Program


        Music education is vital to all.  Every student has the right to a comprehensive education.  Just as there can be no music without learning, there can be no complete education without studying music and other arts.

        The study of music offers special contributions to each student's total educational growth.  While providing a balance among verbal, analytical and intuitive experiences, music promotes an awareness and appreciation of cultural and historical diversity.

        Music offers limitless possibilities to enhance the quality of life.  It remains a constant link to the past, fosters an understanding of the present, and establishes a legacy for the future.

    Music Program Goals:

    These goals are designed to provide students with:

    ·         A balanced, comprehensive and sequential program of music instruction.

    ·         An opportunity to explore and develop their musical abilities to the fullest extent.

    ·         Opportunities to sing, explore instruments, compose, improvise and listen to music.

    ·         Exposure to music from diverse periods, styles, forms and cultures in addition to exploring some of today's popular music.

    ·         Critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate personal growth.

    ·         Opportunities for choral and instrumental performance.

    ·         The tools to deepen a life-long enjoyment of music, and to be able to participate in music at a high level, both in the New Hartford Public Schools and beyond if so desired. 


        Children in Kindergarten learn by doing.  Experiences such as singing, playing, instruments, and moving to music lay the foundation for future exploration and acquisition of musical knowledge.

        Kindergarten classes meet once a week for thirty minute period. A musical program involving all Kindergarten classes is held each year, usually in the spring.

    Grades One and Two:

        Singing, playing instruments, performing play-party games and dances, listening to and creating music enable children to acquire musical skills and knowledge with which to explore the world of music.

        First and second graders have music class once a week for forty minutes.  Each year students perform in a program for parents to showcase a particular theme that has been studied during the year.

    Grades Three and Four:

        Students continue to acquire musical skills through active participation.  Classroom music meets weekly for forty five minute period.  All fourth grade students learn to play to play the soprano recorder as part of their regular music class.

        In addition to classroom music, students in grade four have the opportunity to participate in the Antolini 4th Grade Chorus which meets weekly for a thirty minute rehearsal.  A performance is given each year, usually in March.

    Grades Five and Six:

        Musical experiences in grades five and six become especially critical in students' musical development.  The music they perform and study often becomes an integral part of their personal musical repertoire.  Broad experience with a wide variety of music is necessary for students to make informed musical judgments and develop a sense of creativity.  This breadth of background enables them to begin to understand the relationships between music and other disciplines. By understanding the cultural and historical forces that shape social attitudes and behaviors, students are better prepared to live in our society that has become increasingly multi-cultural.  The role that music will play in student's lives depends in large measure on the level of skills they achieve in creating, performing and listening to music.

        General music class meets once a week for forty five minutes.  The Antolini Choir is an elective activity which performs in two or more concerts each year.  Students in grades five and six may elect to study a band instrument.  This requires a weekly thirty minute lesson during the school day, as well as home practice.  Band is offered during the second half of fifth grade study and during all of sixth grade.  Fifth grade band performs at the spring concert.  Sixth grade band performs in a winter and spring concert.


Last Modified on August 5, 2020