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    Posted by New Hartford Public Schools on 3/15/2012

    In the New Hartford Public Schools, technology is becoming a more integral and ever-present part of classrooms to support and enhance learning.  Our goal is to create a learning environment rich in technology-based resources where students are discerning users of technology in pursuit of knowledge; where teachers embrace technology to design meaningful learning experiences; where parents, teachers and administrators use technology to share information in ways that promote positive learning experiences for all in this district.


    We envision an educational community that

    • Allows all students and staff to have ready access to a full range of current technology, software tools, and applications;

    • Provides technology instruction, skills and proficiencies necessary for every student to be a citizen ready for the 21st century;

    • Nurtures the creativity, inventiveness and curiosity of its students by cultivating real-world problem solving skills using technology resources as appropriate and

    • Models and immerses students in responsible use of technology as members of the New Hartford Public Schools learning community.

    The New Hartford Board of Education recently adopted a revised Acceptable Use Policy related to students and technology resources. Please post any questions you may have concerning this policy.  As in any form of communication, the purpose of this blog is to be productive and informative.  Please post comments in a respectful manner for all parties involved.  

    If you know of an instance where our policy has been violated, please inform our administrative staff immediately so that we can handle the situation appropriately. Please know that we are committed to ensuring your child’s personal safety, but we also ask that you too spend time reviewing this new AUP with your child so that as a team, we can foster responsible technology use in our schools.

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