Barbara McLean
    Director of Student Services
    (860) 379-1653
    Janine Cimmino
    Administrative Assistant
    (860) 379-1653
    The Department of Student Services supports all learners.  All of our students are general education students first.  As a multidisciplinary team, we work collaboratively to provide specially designed instruction and related services that will meet each student's unique needs.
    Service Delivery
    Special Education is a service, not a placement. These services may include direct academic instruction,  counseling, nursing, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral consultation, autism consultation, assistive technology consultation and transportation. Services such as nursing are available to all students.  Students with special educational needs may be recommended to either receive services under an IEP or a Section 504 plan.  These decisions are made with the collaboration of parents and professional educators through the Planning and Placement Team (PPT). New Hartford is committed to excellence for all learners- and the ability to access the curriculum is a primary goal.
    We invite you to contact us with any questions or comments.
    Our Special Education staff is made up of a team of individuals dedicated to the success of each and every student. 
    Baillargeon, Katie - Special Education Teacher,  Antolini
    Plourd, Alexandra - School Psychologist, Antolini
    Farley, Nicole - Speech/Language Pathologist, New Hartford Elementary
    Gallant, Michele - Preschool Teacher, Special Education Teacher NHES
    Nicoletti, Elisabeth- Speech/Language Pathologist, Bakerville & Antolini
    Drenka Marku - Special Education Teacher,  Bakerville
    Midwinter, Kayli - Special Education Teacher, New Hartford Elementary
    Yost, Elise - Special Education Teacher, Antolini
    Quint, Stacy- Special Education Teacher, Antolini
    Milano-Mailhot, Alison - Social Worker
    Sharkey, Jessica, Social Worker
    Palazzollo, Julie, Social Worker
    Scully, Janet, Preschool Teacher
    Paraeducator Staff
    Ann Antolini 
    Allison, Melissa
    Baba, Stephanie
    Cravanzola, Kelly
    Fenner, Laurie
    Figueiral, Erica  
    Kaminski, Eva
    McCoy, Michelle
    O'Brien, Catherine
    Petrarcha, Joe
    Pitcher-Draghi, Ed
    Sincovic, Jen
    Tomaselli, Nikki  
    Zaorski, Stephanie
    Bakerville Consolidated
    Bournique, Kelly
    Dixon, Rose
    Pietras, Christine
    Yabrosky, Nancy
    New Hartford Elementary
    Crump, Helen
    Humphrey, Melissa
    Normand, Kara
    Ouellette, Amy
    Traub, Susan
    Zaorski, Andrew
    Nursing Staff
    Liza DiMartino, Antolini
    Kitch, Marie, BAKERVILLE
    Kara Albee, NHE
    The New Hartford Public Schools also employs several ancillary staff that work on a part-time basis to service the unique needs of some of our students:
      Karpovich, Amy         Occupational Therapist
      Stephanie Komp        Physical Therapist
Last Modified on August 23, 2022