• ANT - Antolini School  860-489-4169    

    BAK - Bakerville Consolidated   860-482-0288   

    NHE - New Hartford Elementary   860-379-0713

     New Hartford Public School District Office   860-379-8546

    SPED - Student Services   860-379-1653

Staff Name Title School Email
Allison, Melissa Paraprofessional -Tutor ANT allisonm@newhtfd.org
Baba, Stephanie Paraprofessional-Tutor ANT babas@newhtfd.org
Baillargeon, Katie Teacher/Sped ANT baillargeonk@newhtfd.org
Barberet, Christine Admin Assist/Principal ANT barberetc@newhtfd.org
Barrett, Diane Admin Assist/Fiscal Services District Office barrettd@newhtfd.org
Bennett, Andrea Teacher/Grade 4 ANT bennetta@newhtfd.org
Bishop, Dina Cafeteria NHE calabresed@newhtfd.org
Bournique, Kellie Paraprofessional -Tutor BAK bourniquek@newhtfd.org
Bugryn, Lindsay Teacher/Library-Media ANT/BAK/NHE bugrynl@newhtfd.org
Carmen, Paul J IT Specialist District/All Schools carmenp@newhtfd.org
Carroll, Kelly Principal ANT carrollk@newhtfd.org
Casey, Karen Teacher/Grade 5 ANT caseyk@newhtfd.org
Cimmino, Janine Admin Assist/DSS District Office cimminoj@newhtfd.org
Cravanzola, Kelly Paraprofessional -Tutor ANT cravanzolak@newhtfd.org
Crump, Helen Paraprofessional-Tutor NHE crumph@newhtfd.org
Cyr, Julie Clerical Aide ANT cyrj@newhtfd.org
Daigle, Megan Teacher/Grade 5 ANT daiglem@newhtfd.org
DiBella, Gayle Bookkeeper District Office diBellag@newhtfd.org
DiMartino, Liza Nurse ANT dimartinol@newhtfd.org
Dixon, Rosalina Paraprofessional -Tutor BAK dixonr@newhtfd.org
Farley, Nicole Speech/Language ANT/NHE farleyn@newhtfd.org
Fenner, Laurie Paraprofessional -Tutor ANT fennerl@newhtfd.org
Fenner, Ross Custodian NHE fennerr@newhtfd.org
Figueiral, Erica Paraprofessional -Tutor ANT figueirale@newhtfd.org
Fitzgerald, Linda Data Management District/All Schools fitzgeraldl@newhtfd.org
Fry, Kimberly Teacher/Grade 1 BAK fryk@newhtfd.org
Gaedeke, Sarah Teacher/Grade 5 ANT gaedekes@newhtfd.org
Gallant, Michele Teacher/Pre K NHE gallantm@newhtfd.org
Guiheen, Shannon Teacher/Grade 2 BAK guiheens@newhtfd.org
Guinan, Matthew Teacher/Grade 5 ANT guinanm@newhtfd.org
Heuschkel, Jamie Custodian ANT heuschkelj@newhtfd.org
Humphrey, Melissa Paraprofessional -Tutor NHE humphreym@newhtfd.org
Jones, Marcia Paraprofessional - IA All jonesm@newhtfd.org
Kaminski, Eva Paraprofessional -Tutor ANT kaminskie@newhtfd.org
Kennedy, Amy Principal BAK/NHE kennedya@newhtfd.org
Kitch, Marie Nurse BAK kitchm@newhtfd.org
Lathrop, James Custodian ANT lathropj@newhtfd.org
Ljubuncic, Tara Teacher/Grade 2 BAK ljubuncict@newhtfd.org
LoPresti, Lisa Teacher/Grade 1 NHE loprestil@newhtfd.org
Lynch, Michael Director of Student Services District lynchm@newhtfd.org
Mangini, Christine Teacher/Grade K BAK manginic@newhtfd.org
Marciano, Deborah Teacher/PE ANT marcianod@newhtfd.org
Marku, Drenka Teacher/Sped BAK markud@newhtfd.org
Marquis, Veronica Teacher/PE BAK/NHE marquisv@newhtfd.org
Mathes, Heather Curriculum Specialist District/All Schools mathesh@newhtfd.org
Mauro, Sarah Teacher/Music ANT/BAK/NHE mauros@newhtfd.org
McCoy, Michele Paraprofessional - Tutor ANT mccoym@newhtfd.org
McLean, Barbara Director of Student Services District mcleanb@newhtfd.org
Melillo, Allison Teacher/Music ANT melilloa@newhtfd.org
Midwinter, Kayli G. Teacher/Sped NHE midwinterk@newhtfd.org
Last Modified on January 10, 2023