• Grades 1 through 6 Enrollment Packet



    This Packet contains the following items:

    1)   Transfer of Confidential Information

    2)   District Registration Form (3 pages back-to-back includes transportation page)

    3)   Directory Information Form 5125 

    4)   Acceptable Use Policy  (veiw AUP here and return Parent Agreement and Student Agreement)  

    The following Forms/Information are required for registration:

    1)  Completed Items listed above

    2)  Copy of child(ren) Birth Certificate(s) (long form required)

    3)  Guardianship papers (if applicable)

    4)  Most recent physical and immunization records

    3)  Copy of a minimum of (2) of the following that indicate a New Hartford address

    • Copy of a sales contract for your home in New Hartford
    • Copy of a valid rental agreement for your rental home/apartment in New Hartford
    • Homeowner's property tax statement
    • Copy of an active utility bill (electric, water, oil/natural gas, cable, or land line phone) in your name and showing services provided for your New Hartford house/apartment (a cell phone bill will not be accepted)
    • Valid driver's license showing New Hartford address



Last Modified on January 2, 2020